Monday, March 1, 2010

rambling words of a matter or two.........

Ryan and Grammy - December, 2009.

I guess I'm just "not in to this blog" anymore... or I have a life that's been keeping me away from the laptop these days or 'what' I don't know.... I've even noticed that some of my old favorite blogs that I used to read have ceased to be as exciting to follow.
We have had tons of snow in the last few weeks - - - plenty of snow blower action. I have enjoyed shoveling snow and was tempted this last week to build a snowgirl (why would I want to build a snowman?)but that enthusiasm died out when I spent over two hours clearing the heavy snow on the first of several days.

Fortunately, the last few days have been sunny and warm(er) and the days are growing longer as we creep toward Daylight Savings Time.
I actually even ran outside last week instead of using the elliptical inside.
Ryan has agreed and committed to running the Dexter Ann Arbor Run - 5K with me in June. He said he'd only run if he didn't have to keep pace with me...duh, he's just a tad bit faster these days at his pace time. Soon I'll be off to Running Fit for a new pair of shoes - well past their time with my old ones, but I have this terrible habit of using the same pair for a year instead of changing them out every 4-6 months. (I know, I chastise others for doing the same thing!).

I might upload and post some pics soon - but, for now, aiming toward the greens of March -
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