Monday, May 26, 2008

Suttons Bay Memorial Weekend 2008

We all went to the cottage this weekend - - stopped downtown Suttons Bay and found out that my beloved store, "Red Ladder" is closing (pic below). Sue and Mike are taking the store to a new city near the Mackinaw Bridge. I have spent alot of time talking to them each time I visited their store - a truly unique eclectic mix of old, new and refurbished items for the home.
Pictures of the bay from the cottage deck - the water is back up for now ~~
Just look at the caribbean colors of West Grand Traverse Bay - gorgeous views.
My beloved "RED LADDER" store in downtown Suttons Bay - Mike is removing the letters from the storefront window.

Pete sorting through fly tying materials - his addiction shows.
This is hard to believe - but Ryan actually went out in to the water on Saturday!!

Love this pic of Ryan !!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Photos from early May - the "dog" cat, Paws was happy to be sitting on the porch. The flowers are from Kim for my April birthday - and they remained the only flowers on the porch until today when I finally potted plants and put them on the doorstep (pictures will come later this week).

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy Mother's Day, addendum

And, a belated Happy Mother's Day to Mom from Pete

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Who cares if it was raining today .... we got to enjoy each other's company inside at Grandma's.
"my mom"
and her mom, my Grandma - almost 90 and as beautiful as ever
PJ and Uncle Bud - PJ's off to the deserts of Israel soon to work on his summer research project

Should have had this one first - Grandma with her daughters and sons and their spouses.

The teens - Adam, Jeffery and Ryan
Don, Jr and Jeff

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Warm weather.......

Finally - a day in which you could be outside at 8am and enjoy the warmth of the sun! Sunday morning - finally got out out to finish cleaning the dead stuff out of the perennial beds. Moved around and rearranged a few perennials.

We've been having some ROBINS trying to nest in the basement well near the water faucet. Tried cardboard to keep them out, but they were persistent. Yucky bird poop mess, finally purchased a plastic well cover to keep them out.

Will post some of the early Spring flower beds later this week.

Ryan had the priviledge of meeting Coach Hanlon from U-M's football team. Coach Hanlon was the offensive coach for U of M under Bo Schembechler for 24 years. He provided some words of wisdom for the boys today.

Ryan's dealing with a bit of an issue right now - he has an Osteochondritis Dissecans Lesion (OCD) on his right knee. Have been in to Medsport and had xrays done, MRI was done last Thursday - we won't have conclusive prognosis until we meet with the Physicians Assistant this coming Thursday and ultimately, the determination of what to do next will wait until his June 23rd (yes, we wait that long!) appt. We are praying it does not hinder his hopes for starting as a defensive lineman for the 2008 Football Season. For now, he's been resting the knee and just working out in the weight room with upper body weights.

Sad news, too - Don's sister, Arlene has passed away this weekend. Please say a prayer for Don and his family. His sister, Arlene, had been a resident of Billings, Montana for many years.

Lots of love to the family.