Sunday, October 9, 2011


Tongue in cheek here -- We just got back from Montana -- fly fishing!! Stayed at the Stone Fly Inn - owned by Dan "Rooster" Leavins...fished at the Big Hole; Beaverhead; and the Jefferson Rivers...had a fab-u-lous time!
...I will post some FISH pictures later this week.

Twin Bridges, MT - great people, great guides (except for one young fella) and great food.

I (might have) pulled in the biggest fish - between Pete and I - Brownies - but it was because of great guides - Willow and Tommy - really genuinely great guides.

Pete and I had a really fabulous time - it's the first time we've been on a trip as empty nesters.

Ryan is doing well at Purdue - has a Fall break, so no classes on Mon and Tue - his roomie went home so he's hanging tight on his own...I (might have) suggested he change his sheets while he has time (but) he's a boy and (maybe) doesn't see the point...hey, he says "Mom, the loft is 7 feet off the floor, it's not that easy!"

Toodle Loo -