Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Fluffing . . . in the works . . .

My favorite fuzzy chick - there are two of them and behind this one are some seed packets that will be started in small plugs for spring transplanting....Green Envy zinnia and Cosmos - orange!
A few of my favorite things - - good thing the chocolate bunny is not real - - believe me, someone already tested it and found it to be geniune plastic.

Jelly beans in these hurricanes seem to be disappearing - not in to my stomach but those of a certain fisherman...

Can't figure out why these didn't last more than a day from the store - but they did brighten my spirits!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Fluffing at Southern Hospitality

So I'm a blog stalker - love Rhoda's site - she really has fabulous talent and ideas. Love that she likes to buy thrift and paint and repurpose. I do a bit of that - just need to work on doing more. I prefer 'old' over 'new'.

Her link, Southern Hospitality is over on my blog list.


Monday, March 16, 2009

Green day

I'm not ready for Easter yet - have to show some Green from around our house first ...Happy St. Patrick's Day eve !
My favorite new front door color - painted last Fall.

Vase from sister Kim and butterfly from sister Debi .

Darn, the Shamrock's didn't show up well enough on my Longaberger basket. I have two, but only one on display.
Stay tuned - I'll be converting the foyer and front door to Spring tidings and Easter fluffing by the weekend.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Updates on Ryan

Ryan - wiped out after the first day back to school - temporarily residing on the living room pull out sofa for the first two weeks post surgery!

Haven't posted in a while-- busy with work, tall kid on crutches and the rest of life, I guess.

Ryan is now in week 5 of crutches with no weight bearing allowed at all on the knee. He's usually pretty exhausted from traipsing the halls at school - fortunately, teachers kept a copy of each textbook in their rooms for him so he could leave his copy at home, because if you have tried to lift a teenagers backpack lately, you will realize that you need to be a weightlifter. Try putting 3 textbooks in it and you're lifting 50 pounds easily! Can't imagine how many kids will have back issues when they get to be 'old'.

So, onward - he has one more week of non-weight bearing on the knee, and then another 6 weeks with partial weight bearing. Physical therapy is 2x/week. Lots of mom chauffeuring going on!

I have some photos to post - sometime soon.

Meanwhile, out for a run - sunny, still cold, but no wind today so it should be tolerable.