Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's over.....

The end of the season and the JV team posted a 3-6 overall record. The last game, Ypsilanti - was a win. Although the record doesn't speak - they had two other games which were a touchdown away from a win - it was a tough, hard season emotionally for them. The Freshman ended their season 4-5 and the Varsity were 1-8.

The pic below - after the last game as the boys are fed a post game on the agenda - Ryan will be seeing the orthopedic surgeon on 10/31/08 and we hope to have surgery soon. He's already back in the weight room post season to work out.
This pic below is again, not my camera's best shot - I have got to fix the zoom issue I'm having - but what this shows is that at the end of each winning game the boys sing the Dexter fight song to the parents - it's always a bittersweet shot.
Ryan's here in this shot - the blurry face in the top portion..... Lots of love to the JV team of 2008.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Turned Fall rather quickly here - we had our first hard frost in October - killed my annuals, but my two lonely pear tomato plants are still producing!
Yummy rasperries from the local u-pick farm down the road - pumpkins and gourds from another local farm.
I'm a week late posting "Happy Birthday" greetings to Pete's dad, Charlie, who turned 80 and my Grandma who turned 90 - both of them celebrated late September birthdays.
Some of her grandchildren - Jeffery, Grandma, Ryan and Adam

Me and my grandma - how can she be 90??

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Record 1-4, but still playing football

Been a tough season for our boys. Ryan continues to be on the field for every offensive play - here he is below on 9/11 at the Huron game. ( remember, he's the one with the black knee brace ) pictured below in the lower right near the Huron player in the corner...
#71 Ryan
Right here, he's the one on the far right corner
Next game - tonight - 7pm @ Pioneer and it's truly a Fall weather like day ~~