Thursday, April 16, 2009

Friday, April 10, 2009

Common Grill on Good Friday

Signs of SPRING - - We had a fabulous lunch today at Common Grill in Chelsea. We missed all the aunts and cousins that could not make it - - posting the pics I did take - you'll see Karen, Jan, Rita, Susie, Debi, Sherry and our beautiful Grandma!

Isn't this the best sign of SPRING - pansies outside of one of the downtown shops.
COMMON GRILL - our hangout for the meal - there is no place better than our local fav place to be sitting down for a meal!
Best spot in the house - - - front window - - - - -
Not the best pic - but here it is - Sherry and Debi - 2 sisters, missing our sister Kim who is in Pennsylvania.
(aunt) Jan, Rita (my mom) and (cousin) Susie...

(sister)Debi,(my) Grandma and (aunt)Karen ...
A few great birthday gifts from Debi - - here's the fabulous purse - can't wait to start using it!!

The wrapped box is paper that was handmade by my dear niece, Sasha. Inside the box a few new Cherie Dorie beads....

Nice Carp!
Pretty pansy potted in one of Debi's cast-off cup and saucers..added it to my foyer Easter fluffing... have some other great gifts that came from Kim - blue glass birds (handblown) to photo and add to my blog later this some ceramic eggs. Once I take down the Easter Fluffing, I'll get back to Spring Fluffing.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

April Birthdays....

April unleashes a string of birthdays in our family ...... Happy Birthday wishes to all ....
Sherry - April 3rd
Greg - April 4th
Alanya - April 5th
Don - April 16th
Debi - April 26th
Ean - April 26th