Monday, June 15, 2009

Week three...

...lots going on...

Ryan officially has his driving permit (segment1) so I'm now the passenger and he's the driver!

Football skills camp was last week - other than strict instructions -no jumping, running or twisting- he enjoyed the two days. First day was rain, rain, rain - so they were inside for the first half and then outside for the balance. Friday was sunny and perfect weather for drills.

Week three for me - have some job opportunities unfolding.

Captain Kangaroo! -It's wild kingdom around here- momma and poppa robin decided to nest under the deck and now have 3 babies; the momma doe and her fawn come through the yard every day around 2'ish; I knocked down a softball size bald-faced hornet nest under the deck a week ago; and the chipmunks (more than 6(or 600) I'm certain) are enjoying chasing me from the front garden to the back garden. And they continue to work on destroying the retaining wall by burrowing all over and under - I've lost a number of plants due to disturbed roots. I can't understand why any of them want to be at the house when the wetlands are at their beck and call and about 40 yards away ??

Kisses and sunshine to the family...will summer weather actually stick around for more than a day at a time ?

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