Friday, February 6, 2009

It's all about Ryan right now...

Ryan's had quite a bit going on in his life the last week. Last Saturday he entered the Regional Powerlift meet @ Linden and qualified to go to the State Powerlift Meet in March by placing 3rd in his weight group. He surpassed some of his personal goals at the same time.
Squat 265; Bench 190 and Deadlift 310 .

Unfortunately, he can't go to the state powerlift meet to compete as we decided he needed to have the arthroscopic knee surgery to repair the osteochondritis dissecans lesion on his knee.

We rolled out of the house at 5:30a today - arrived at outpatient surgery for a 6:15am check in and he rolled in to surgery around 7:50am. It was relatively quick - which was good. Dr. Miller determined by scoping that he did not have damage to his cartilage - had a slight crack in part of the knee bone and then there was the bone lesion - good news, it was not loose enough to require implanting any pins - so, he went in from the side of the knee and drilled about 8 holes into the medial femoral.

Crutches for 12 weeks - no weight for 6 weeks on the knee . The projection is that he'll be back to full conditioning by July - so, football will not be lost this season. He should be ready to go!

The Powerlift Medal ....

Out of surgery and still pretty groggy...
You can not keep this kid from his laptop - he wanted to have it as soon as he got home but by the time I went upstairs to get it, he was fast asleep. In this picture - you'll see the polar pack next to him - it's the neatest thing - filled with ice and water connected to a film pack over his knee - it's specially regulated to maintain 50 deg F. He'll have this attached to him for the next 48 hours. It should greatly reduce the swelling and any bleeding.

Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers.

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