Tuesday, August 12, 2008


The season is upon us - - where did the Summer go ? I'll promise to post some photos this weekend from our Summer week in SB and the explosion of perennial overgrowth around the house - at least the rainy season stopped so we don't have to cut the grass every third day...now it struggles to stay green with assistance from the sprinklers. Skunks are back - looking for grubs, not finding them, but making a pretty 'dot-to-dot' diagram in the backyard when viewed from the 2nd floor.

...Ryan got his "okay, it's your decision with your parents" to play from the orthopedic surgeon yesterday. I really think we'll be back to see him before the year is over. He's had 12 weeks of rest on the knee - in hopes that the bone would regrow, but the xray taken yesterday shows no change. He'll probably make it through the season so long as he's not the victim of any illegal chop blocking. JV team has shriveled again this year - from 28 to 21 boys this year. Coaches will be moving up freshman to help assist. Ryan is looking forward to perhaps starting as an Offensive Lineman this year! More later this week ... inter-squad scrimmage on Saturday morning - I promise to take some photos and post.

Later, S

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